Saturday, November 5, 2011

Maps Consuming Territory and Why Greek Default Is The CURE For Bankster Contagion

Looks like Papandreou chose wisely here. More likely it’s the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of Greek workers and students who joined the general strike to flood Athens, encircle the capital like a noose, turn themselves into monkey wrenches jamming the Goldman-Morgan-Euro coup de tat papered over as the EFSF “bailout”, that ultimately forced Papandreou into the referendum corner. I mean, ‘ol Papa’s political light-cone of potential soundbites was narrowed by the (justified) Greek revolt down to, “Let Them Eat The Rich (Foreign Banksters)” or “Let Them Eat Cake”. Fortuitously for this Greek prime minister, unlike Marie Antoinette, he chose the right marquee to drape from the Hellenic Parliament Building. Perhaps this gambit – which is making the New World Order look like the US taxpayer circa 10/2008 -- will spare him the fate of being hunted down by his own pitchfork wielding people somewhere in the Pyrenees, smartbombed with predator drones, dragged out of a cave in a bloody Hefty bag like some terrorist mastermind/tulpa or Arab Spring dictator.

THIS is what democracy looks like. as John Locke said in 1793: If the social contract is broken, the people must revolt. The representative democracy has obviously failed, not only in Greece but in the US, and that is why we are seeing the upwellings of direct democracy across the globe. Papandreou, Obama, Cameron, these asshole-licking puppets will never do anything but the bidding of the 1% unless they are literally forced to by the 99.

Time for your FTA (Fucking Truth Administration) recommended daily dose of mind unscrambling with today’s Anti-Price-Propaganda Report:

“A Greek default could lead to the spread of a financial contagion”

TRANSLATION: “A Greek default could lead to the spread of a financial vaccine against the fraud-debt ebola, ultimately preventing the financial Black Plague 2.0 that is the cancerous current global banking system from killing a third of Europe again in the form of starvation, hospital cuts, and heroin ODs. This is bad news for my purse string holders over at BNP Paribas!”

Truth is, a global banking collapse would not be the end of the world, but rather the beginning; not some brimstone-and-Marshall Law Apocalypse as Paulson used to extort TARP from congress in 2008, as IMF is browbeating Greece and any other PIIGS junta attempting to insurrect against the tyranny of EuroTARP, and as “I can’t say the ‘f’ word” Paul Krugman continues to flap his mouth about like the clueless economist he and Bernanke are hired to be. Not Mad Maxian chaotic dystopia but a more sane and human-centric Age of Aquarius. An enlightenment in a Dark Age of suicidal shadow finance, and a return to sunlight and the real (economy). A floor-by-floor demolition of the falsely and criminally inflated glass skyscrapers, those castles built on clouds of subprime fraud, girded with Ponzi rebar, faced with one-way mirrors of financial agnotology and media disinformation that has us mindfucked into believing that boomsticking the Global Ponzi System megalodon that is eating us alive would be “catastrophic”. And it’s a proven formula: tobacco companies managed to convince people for half a century that smoking prolonged life, made you superman and cured cancer with 1/1000th the capital gains made by Barclays. Sure, it would hurt at first, just like surgery to remove a brain tumor hurts at first. You might lose your house in default, lose your equity atm machine (fake virulent wealth to begin with) but without the bubble-inflation and fabrication of demand via debt, you could actually *afford* the house you live in as the prices un-distort. Commodity bubbles would deflate but that would mean affordable milk and eggs again. The financial system would shrink like a melanoma in recession, but all that "growth" was subtracting from your net wealth via siphoning schemes and fiat inflation anyway. Hell, we might actually have some competition again as banks that did and do the right thing survive for being the fittest! Global banking collapse would be a bust for the 1% royalty but a roaring boom for the rest of us!

Thanks to Ben “Great Moderation” Bernanke’s zero interest rate policy, the Dimons, Blankfeins, Buffets, and other blowers of financial chimeras have a debt gas tank of infinite size with which to inflate their speculative Stay-Puff Godzilla to the tune of 1.5 QUADRILLION. Which they use to wreak havoc, crash silver, start wars in sub-Saharan African nations over shortsale-manufactured water bubbles. Threaten countries like Greece, demanding a ransom paid in bloody austerity. Clearly What the Greek people, the Irish, the Spanish, Iceland, Oakland, and the apostles of the Occupy Movement are discovering is that the GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN! kracken waiting to swallow us is really just a blow-up doll, a bubble that needs to be popped if we’re to move on.

And honestly, it should be blatantly obvious that the solution proposed by our “Great Minds” is a joke to anyone who wasn’t in a coma during 8th grade math (huh what? Sorry I was too busy watching my sister’s cat’s demo for Dancing With The Stars under my desk). The “geniuses” Merkel, Sarkozy, Cameron, and their leash holders circlejerking at Geneva summits propose their solution to the problem of unsustainable debt loads: “jack (insert sovereign) up with more debt!”

I say bring on the tectonic cataclysm of the fraudulent, malignant maps that are consuming the territory – the hall of mirrors collateral debt obligations abstracted into CDOs of CDOs of CDOs, embedded into bilateral mark-to-model OTC holograms, themselves cloaked by phantasm derivatives. We have arrived at Baudrillard’s infinite regress of simulacra -- pointers pointing to symbols symbolizing references. It's obliteration of the concept of value illustrated poignantly by Andy Worhol's soup cans, where value in the art world is produced not through great work but through intentionally induced mass hysteria and fetishization of the mundane and the shitty. Where JP Morgan can take a shit into a duffle bag, take it to the Fed and get a hundred billion dollars (but if you or I do it, we get nothing but a tear gas grenade to the parietal lobe). Where Bank of America can package their magically-printed-billions into a Hooter's girl's Beverley Hill mansion mortgage and sell that steaming shit-filled soup can off as 24 karat diamond via fabricated housing bubble hysteria. It's The Diamond Age but we don't need nanotech to obliterate economics by allowing protean transmutation of feces into big macs and big macs into platinum: bankers turn toxic waste into AAA gold (and con it into pensions and sovereigns) everyday with simple mass-disinfo and market distortion! It's The Dupery Age! But, as always, the future rhymes rather than repeating the forecasts of futurists and philosophers. Rather than the post-modernists' end of meaning and history and replacement with a mere global semiotic-madhouse where Rembrandt and lolcats are indistinguishable, we have a weaponization of the symbolic madness by the “symbolic analysts”, who instead of “adding value”, suck value out in negative-sum games and classocide half the planet in a gas chamber of food commodity speculation. Instead of Buadrillard’s “hypermediation” we have “hyperfinancialization”, wielded in the form of zero-interest, infinite securitization and high frequency trading that is used to loot the masses out of house home health and future and generally do what big brained monkies in million+ social structures have always done: fuck each other over.

We have no future: we have only pattern misrecognition, risk-mismanagement, the spinning of the given moment’s manufactured scenarios -- JP Morgan's distortion of gold and silver via their 78 trillion blow-up-doll in order to produce the alternate reality where the dollar is worth the holographic cotton its printed on so their holocaust-for-bonuses game can continue. The churning of Goldman Sach's *supercomputer which singlehandedly generates thousand-point swings in the Dow via algorithmic sorcery and extort entire hemispheres (the REAL bazooka aimed at congress in 2008, and certainly at Merkel and Sarkozy today). We’re in end-game semiosis, we’ve got over-symbolized leukemia from smoking these Borgesian nightmares that ultimately signify nothing in reality, and we need HFT tax chemotherapy for these monstrosities whose sole purpose is the manipulation of markets and criminal extraction of blood and treasure from the poor, middle class, and white collar. White collars who are fading as we speak into the grey collar: the overeducated and terminally un/underemployed who curl up inside cardboard boxes to sleep in their once-starched interview suits, empty and valueless in the New World Plutonomy as their Weimar’d wads of dead president fiat paper, shredded and used as kindling to roast rat-kebobs. It’s time to kick the habit before the miasma devours us completely.

Though there's much to disagree with when it comes to Alex Jones, he's hitting the nail on the head with the "infowar". That's precisely what we've got, and the Occupy is an information H-Bomb on the side of the 99%. The fact that we're not still talking about "the left and right" but rather in class-based terms like "99%" and 1% is an astronomical victory, that's like a media Trafalgar right there. But I'd add it's also an "action war" in the sense that the 99% needs to get out there, not just physically but financially, economically, politically.

If you want some other concrete action: go out there, buy some silver and crash JP Morgan (massively short silver), and simultaneously ensure that your fiat currency stashed in your mattress doesn't turn into a wad of toilet paper when the dollar bubble finally pops and Bernanke turns us into Zimbabwe. Recommended above gold since it's hard to pay for oil changes and tomatoes in 0.1 gram flecks in the event of zombie bank apocalypse.

And if you must have a traditional campaign/vote-based solution:

Nader-Paul-Kucinich 2012.

(Prefer Bill Still to Ron Paul but either of these is preferable to the whores we have currently in place)

*Mass-murdering Banktators don't need a revisionist Soviet Ministry of Truth rewriting history books or a Nazi propaganda machine pumping out film and flyers to manipulate reality, no, the CEO of Goldman just doubletaps his iPad and sets his Hal 9000 blowing up stock commodity X or real estate Y. In the astounding world of the future, We've Got An App For That.

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