Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CEO Green is Made Out of People! It's People!

There have been suggestions that the Oakland protests in particular and the Occupy protest in general are similar to the Rodney King riots, that the riot police are responding reasonably, and that protests are misguided, misdirected, and pointless given that many are occurring at capitols and other government buildings.

Scott Olsen clip

Firstly, the video clearly identifies a police officer tossing an explosive device *directly at the disabled vet on the ground* as he bleeds out from his skull fracture, as people are attempting to assist him. The detonation happens mere inches from his body. None of the protesters are committing violence of any sort and are merely attempting to assist someone who has been shot [b]in the head[/b] with a rubber bullet. Bullets which have been clearly shown to be potentially lethal if they strike the skull area. According to eyewitness accounts he was standing perfectly still, provoking no one. Prosecutions are in order for these felonies (not that there will be any).

This is how the American "establishment" thanks its soldiers who risk their limbs, their lives, and their sanity fighting wars of covenience started for the sake of taxpayer plundering. As double-tour serving marine sergeant Shamar Thomas poignantly pointed out as he successfully called out Jamie Dimon's cops paid mercenaries protecting his 40 million dollar tower by skullcracking peaceful protesters, "There is no honor in this".

The Rodney King riot comparison is ridiculous. Widespread looting, assault, arson and murder occurred, and property damages topped roughly $1 billion, 53 killed. It was almost a cover story used by the Bloods and Crips and the Mexican cartels to have a gangbanging field day. Talk about misdirected?

And the anger is not just at "the government" or just "the banks", although that's certainly the simple-minded 20th-cen worldview that the Plutocracy would like for the public to accept as the narrative of the problem, and they actively propagate the lie through the Fox-vs-MSNBC Left-Right Republicrat saga, and through economist progranda. Of course the protesters know the bankers don't give a shit about their protests, at city hall, on Wall Street, at Capitol Hill, at bank lobbies, banker's homes, or anywhere. Just like the city officials, Obama and the rest of the banker-whore government doesn't give a shit about the protesters. Those protests are not for the 1%, they're for the rest of the 99. And government holds at least as much responsibility for the mess, and Criminal in Chief at the moment is The Speechinator president Obama, who continues to side with the top 0.1%, condoning criminality by refusing to enforce the law on his law breaking, mass-thieving mass-terrorizing mass-frauding banker pimps. And thus, making Obama -- a government official -- the MOST responsible single individual for the continued pillaging of those uninvited to the champagne toasts at the Cipriani 55 where they discuss which European country's 99% they will commit class-genocide on to pay for the 2,000,000,000 diamond China at the next champagne toast.

You want to talk about Rodney King and racial injustice against Mexicans in the justice system? Exhibit A: Wachovia, money laundering 400 [b]billion[/b] in Mexican drug money, gets $170 million (1/2 a percent) fine as a slap on the wrist, no indictments. CEO Robert K Steel and the big wigs at Wachovia make that in the time it takes them to short Italy and tie their tie made from the skin of Athenians. Athenians who are gas-chambered quietly by banks who gut Greek hospitals to the point that they can't afford asthma inhalers or pace makers. Yes, the bankster CRIMINALS are out there "doing God's work" with their druglord CRIMINAL buddies like El Chapo and The Zetas, dump truckloads of bodies in front of hotels and stone mayors to death in town square just to make a point. Forty thousand "Official" murders have been reported with possibly tens of thousands more "disappearances" due to drug-related violence in Mexico I think dwarfs even the incidences of police *brutality* against Latinos in the US.

1/3 of Mexican GDP in drug money was CRIMINALLY moved through Wachovia *alone*, essentially making the bankers mass-murderers of the Mexican people. We know who committed these acts, there is a clear paper trail, they're operating basically in the open. "Yeah, we fucking own the planet. We incinerate Mexicans, Greeks, Iraqis, two-tour Marines to fill our pockets. What the fuck you going to do about it?" The government -- Obama and congress and the rest of the bought-and-paid for public-sector arm of the global plutocratic mafia -- gives them a chump change fine, sends them on the way to commit more crimes against humanity with impunity. Obama received $1,268,970 in contributions from Wachovia and its employees. Obama's Presidency itself is a criminal act funded by blood money. His refusal to prosecute Wachovia is one of his MYRIAD impeachable offenses.

Then Obama gets on TV in his best young-Nelson Mandela impression, informs the future of America drowning in their debt that they can save “up to” 0.5% on their interest rate, when college costs are going exponential as just another wealth-siphoning Ponzi bubble, and already student loans have overtaken credit card debt. Cue applause! Hope n change! He's like Martin Luther King 2.0! Martin Luther King is vomiting in his grave.

1/2 a percent, an interesting number. Just like the 1/2 a percent token penance paid by Wachovia. Apparently Obama cares as little about the American youth as he cares about the Mexican people being kidnapped in the night and beheaded by Wachovia's thugs. 1/2 a percent.

One wonders what he does in between waiting for his next big show infront of the cameras of the Wall-Street propaganda machine that is CNN? Other than being facilitator-in-chief of mass-murdering banking fundlords. It sure as hell isn't being a president.

Theft, as in the looters stealing the bottle of milk in London, is relatively benign, when compared to fraud. With theft, you have an isolated incident in the society of wrong. It is bad, but the honest shopkeeper can defend against it with the help of the law. Fraud is far more malignant, in that it is wrong that creeps into the society, metastasizing as during the subprime and LIARS epidemic of the noughties, like the Kuang virus it gradually eats its way silently through every institution and aspect of the society until the very fabric of the society *consists* of wrong, as we currently have today with the largest wrongdoer bankers outright controlling the nation. The honest shopkeeper can recover from a thug in a hoodie, but fraud drives the good shopkeeper out of business. Rather than crime hindering business, crime itself becomes the business model, most notably the UK, who's fraud-based financial sector accounts for half the GDP and all the fake "GDP growth" reported in the price-propaganda. Through media control, the kleptocracy installs Stockholm Syndrome on the unwitting masses, convinces them that the loss of home, healthcare, livelihood, and destruction of their children's future is somehow their own fault. That they "did not work hard enough" (known in 19th century as Protestant work ethic). That they "are overpaid". But in their own private robber baron discussions, the super-rich readily acknowledge the systematic overwork, underpay and gulagification of the underclass as their wealth-extraction scheme, as in JP Morgan's Eye On The Market newsletter this July whe "Reductions in wages and benefits explain the majority of the net improvement in profit margins… US labor compensation is now at a 50-year low relative to both company sales and US GDP." And not just the CNN MSM neo-Goebbels propaganda machine but even *Greek economists* are out blaming themselves, Jedi Mind tricked into believing it's the Greek people's fault for not "tightening their belt" when it's JP Morgan and friends dumping THEIR OWN insolvency by the hundred-billion on Greece that is causing the chasm-like deficit problem. They're led to believe that they actually deserve the austerity that turns them into a third world country to pay for bank bonuses, that they deserve to have their population lose hope and turn into drug addicts and die of ODs, which is the bankers and Papandreou plan, their solution to unemployment: kill off the population through austerity and war. In Fraud-topia, rape becomes accepted as a virtue, as long as it is a polite rape that comes on embossed paper, with a smile. Or smoothed over by a moving speech, as you're left bleeding out of every orifice, being told by the rapist that "it was your own fault! You were asking for it!"

Gaddafi's biggest mistake was not starting a bank. He would've been right at home amongst the thoughtlessly murdering, looting, enslaving criminals that run the 1st world, the supposed "crown jewels of the human experiment". If Gaddafi'd only taken Libya's 200 billion sovereign capital, bought a charcoal suit and a vermilion tie, sipped champagne from a gold-sided fluted-marble balcony next to the Trump Tower, and subcontracted the "wet work" to the next-in line in his administration, he would've been the star of the show in the US. He'd be at Davos, giving triple-ovation speeches about "liberalizing labor markets" in Libya. He'd be the golden boy on Forbes magazine covers, lauded as a "captain of industry" and a "cornerstone of the economy". He'd have libraries named after him in towns in Colorado. He'd be purchasing politicians left and right with his oil money. He'd be discussing with the CEOs of JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs how they plan to move on from Greece and barbecue Italy then Spain with their toxic WMDs lit by their HFT market-engineering, followed by scorched-Earth austerity, and filleting up of the infrastructure at pesetas on the dollar. Gaddafi could then jack his 200 billion 30x and perform a leveraged buy-out of Dimon and Blankfein, thus completing world domination. If only Gaddafi had been a banker. But, alas, the Devil is in the details.

*side note: The Wachovia atrocity is an apotheosis of the true damage of 911. the majority of federal law enforcement was shifted away from the real big wig criminals and onto War on Terror red herring, when there was approximately *one* terrorist radicalized in the US in the past decade. Zero terrorism incidents prevented by law enforcement (shoe bomber and underwear both caught by civilians) despite hundreds of billions taxpayer $ and the majority of the FBI being diverted to spying on citizens via The Patriot Act, pointlessly reading the Koran. As noted by an FBI agent, the post-911 era is the "Golden Age of White Collar Crime, drug trafficking, and the mob". You have the full triumverate, there: The white collar criminals at Wachovia ganging up with Mexican druglords, protected by the mob that is the US government.

*** Bonus bloggism!! ***

In Time

Possibly the best and most truth-hitting sci-fi movie ever made.

Forget the inane, financially illiterate critics' nitpicking and the fact that it stars Justin Timberlake.

This movie nails the world. It practically IS reality.

It brings the only true war of our time, a deeply abstract war, out in to daylight-clarity, puts a human face to it. Most poignant is perhaps when the mother of the protagonist is literally killed by price manipulation. Greeks are suffering the same fate by the thousands as we speak.

"For the few to be immortal, many must die," goes the refrain of the time-bankers.

And it's just about America's turn in line to be incinerated as fuel in the immortal's engine.

Absolutely must see.

Ignore the Timberlake and the occasional stiltedness and plot issues and the "tough to swallow" premise and all the other petty distracting critic complaints like the MSM attacking Occupiers for a few bongo drums and tie dye to obscure the message. Watch this sci-fi movie that does exactly what it's supposed to do: illuminate the time in which it was created.

Then go out, buy some silver, and help crash some banks like the In Time Dick-n-Jane before Earth turns into an IMF-policed Planet Gulag.

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