Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

Today we celebrate the mass exploitation of billions of men, women, and one-legged children, grinding their malnourished bones to make our daily bread in footwear sweatshops, iPad suicide houses, under-the-table orchards, community-destroying Walmart horror houses, re-education through WoW gold farming prisons. On this Labor Day, some one hundred and twenty nine days since that first Labor day, when the truly hard working men and women took a load off down in Central Park, New York City to picnic, listen to speeches, and spend quality time with family, we remember all of those hard-fought and hard-won victories of social change: human rights, minimum wage, workplace safety laws, worker's comp, benefits, vacation time and sick leave, those preconditions necessary for the *attempted* pursuit of good life, liberty, and happiness. And then we remember how we unravel and continue to unravel a century of blood, sweat, tears, and death fighting for the rights of workers as we destroy pensions, strip away collective bargaining rights, undercut minimum wage, betray the promise of retirement after a hard life’s labor, reap the fruits of slavery, and fuck over a generation of kids who stayed in school and worked hard with a wasteland economy, leaving them disenchanted, skill bases rotting, thinking they might as well have been partying, getting drunk and jacking cars instead of wasting time in this pointless “college” thing. And we do this all in the name of giving the atrociously rich more money they don't need except out of some fucked up Napoleon complex arms-race. Here’s to you, you billionaire bankster barons, you pathetic political puppets, (especially you, Obama) and all the rest of you weak cowards keeping your head down in your offices, looking the other way as the SS marches your brethren off to economic Auschwitz.

Happy Labor Day.

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