Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eat The Rich

Occupy Wall Street: the Civil Rights sit-in of the 21st century.

If you care about anything other than your portfolio and you're in the Manhattan area, get your ass to Wall Street and join the occupation!

This is America's Tahrir moment. This is the United People of The World waking up from their anesthetization, their exit from the Pluto's Cave, no longer buying blindly into the shadow-puppet show of left-and-right cast on the walls of their cage. This is them re-uniting and rising up in one collective middle finger to the Powerful Assholes of The World and letting them know that -- like the Gaddafis, the Mubareks, the King Georges and the Louis XVI before them -- their 15 minutes is up, that the Universe they believed they had Mastered is coming to a Big Crunch. And not even their global racket woven of near-light speed high-frequency-trades will be able to escape the horizon of this event. They will discover their golden parachutes turned to lead, and when they fall, like the millions of unemployed, underemployed, uninsured, homeless and pensionless, they will *not* have a safety net built from the blood sweat and taxes of the people to break their impact. They may pay their kowtowing media empire, the CNNs, Fox News, even the New York Times and the Time Magazines bend to their will, look the other way in fear or their meal tickets like 1940's Germans. Funny how the major news media are there in seconds, dodging RPGs to get the fullest coverage of public protests in Greece, Egypt, Libya, yet when their own sons and daughters, Americans descend on the financial capital of the US, those fair-weather organizations are silent, or dismiss the protests as "a little gathering of liberals and aging hippies".

The lamestream media blackout will not end at the geographical boundaries of either seaboard. The Money tentacles will extend to the webosphere, and the armchair "Twitter Revolution" touting Techvangelists will have their moment of truth when Goldman and AIG board members offer to buy consensus reality, pay to have unfavorable #trending topics redacted from the collective consciousness. We'll see if that "Don't Be Evil" t-shirt slogan is more than just a skin-deep hedge against antitrust lawsuits when Google and Facebook are threatened to kneel down and join the cocksucking ranks of the traditional media whores and quietly tweak their pagerank algorithms, "personalization filters" to silence the voice of the actual people of the US, as opposed to just the cheerleading Silicon Valley hoi-polloi circlejerking and tweeting the party hype for kudos and digital dimes. The "collective intelligence" will be thrown into cognitive dissonance. Out on The Street tonight are those 200 million chronically jobless 20-somethings who played by the rules, Stayed In School, to discover the American Dream is the American Sham; left with Physics/Marketing double PhDs and an Orange County mortgage-worth in student loans, fighting Micronesian immigrants for grease-pit jobs, blogging tweeting and "building their brand" in their underwear whilst trying to convince themself it's employment. "Fuck school. Fuck honesty, integrity, hard work, causes bigger than yourself. Win, win, win, that's what life is about. Lie, cheat, steal, fraud, and export your toxic waste onto the nearest sucker, and let the Devil take the rest. Better them than me." This is the culture, the legacy that we're handing on down as fertile visions of bright, green, sustainable futures wither, the seeds dying in infancy with every depression-crushed new business, with every passing month's unemployment, skill bases left to rot in parent's living rooms in front of the X-Box.

These jobless, overeducated generation of new-hobohemians will be tempted by the Kochs and Rothschilds with payment in actual dollar amounts to utilize their college-honed writing skills to join the left-right Obamacare vs Teabagger pundit slapfights, against their own interest. And even if the United Oligarchies of America fail to buy out Generation Fucked-Over, a billion sock-puppet powered robo-bloggers and propaganda forums and equally mindless onslaughts of Jersey Shore clones will do their darndest to take our eyes off the ball, pull the Wizard of Oz curtain back over the festering naked lunch while we're fishing for change out of our parents' couches to buy a greasy shrinkwrapped McHeart Attack burger causing a heart attack that isn't covered in our plan. But you know that for a healthy, balanced society, what we need to do is EAT THE RICH.

And if you can't eat'em - tax'em.

For some good dissection of the specific heinous financial atrocities that continue unfettered and unprosecuted, have a look at The Market Ticker site

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