Sunday, October 16, 2011

World Class War Powder Keg is LIT!


Tens of thousands more poured out across six continents in solidarity, from Madrid to London to Tokyo to Tahrir Square!

The World Class War Powder Keg is LIT baby!

22 Arrested for closing accounts at Citibank!

Ah, the Gulag leg breakers (police) are called in to stop the organized, legal destruction of the Citibank holcrux. We're past the point of even pretending this is a nation of laws anymore. Let's just issue all the looters stealing bottles of milk a banking license, so we can help "grow the economy", since that is our business model here in the US and Europe. Your Rome is burning, fucking weasel rapists!

[b]Pluto-speak to English glossary[/b]

Never turn on a TV or click a Google News link without it!

“We need to recapitalize banks” – we want to steal from you some more because we’ve already pissed away the money we stole from you playing casino and committing fraud, shuffling your TARP funds around in a shell game.

“These strict regulation will cause us to loose our competitive edge.” It’s really hard work, fucking you over. We deserve to be paid 1000 times your salary

“We need to shore up (country/econopolitical union)’s banks” – we want to steal from you

“Banks need to start lending more” – my Ponzi mobile is running low on gas

“Mistakes were made” – We knowingly raped your family, and made off with your house while we were at it, but let’s put the past behind us.

“We cannot allow this (financial institution) to fail” You all need to take a 20% pay cut or the head of Barclays will disinvite me to the next champagne toast at the Lanesborough.

“The Greeks have been spending beyond their means.” We took all our subprime nuclear waste and shit it out on Athens with the help of our bitch and your head of state Karolos Papoulias so we could make a killing when you keel over from radiation sickness.

“Slovakia is threatening the stability by refusing to cooperate with the bailout” Slovakia is telling the financial terrorists to shove the bailout h-bomb up their ass.

Obama on why the thousands of robber baron banksters have not been prosecuted:
"Banks did things which were immoral, frowned upon, that let us down, but were not illegal." - I'm a whore who sucks Jamie Dimon's cock for campaign contributions who is just as much a looter lawbreaking criminal for failing to prosecute, and I deserve to be impeached.

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