Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Refresh refresh refresh Schedule in inbox Click click click. Things will pick up. Just a bump in the road. Ambient math, multiplying the hours, 15 x 20 x 4 don’t forget to factor laundry day. She just gets heavier and heavier. Panic ignites scattershot flurry of resumes, forgot to click attach, forgot to change the subject, forgot to remember correctly who I am for you. Searching for old deco-paper selves chewed full of holes by roaches and time, mulched in shitpellets peeling laminate. Cover it all in letters. Cover your holes in cover letter foundation+mascara. I’m missing the years. I’m missing the years of experience, I’m an unchecked rubric, my mind is full of holes. I’m missing my experiences, falling into the holes left by uncalled references. Downgrade your expectations. Come down off your straight triple As. It’s a scammer’s market my friend, you’ve got to win to win, king of the hill. You are a strong, intelligent person. You are a strong, intelligent person. Recline in the lagoon of lost boys, skill bases rotting in mom’s living room poker night. Dad whines over pensions squirreled without diploma. Flies yearly to Micronesian hippy dreamtime. Tickets 450 + 25 fees x 2. We’ve bled for our wings but the wind is gone. What do we do with this embossed framed paper, they’re coming for our pounds of flesh. Down from Phoenix and DeVry and Harvard and WSU descending to bleed and smile asking for $400 plates in Valentino suit dress code. Noblesse Oblige, motherfucker. My neighbors don’t speak my language, they break dishes for fun. When they run out they break each other. The roads turn into gravel, the road workers fired drink and break their spouse. You are a strong, intelligent person. I’m the gravel on the road, the road to someone’s zeros, to some trophy wife’s pearls, the tokens in a Gekko game. Collateral. Play Megaman 3, light up Shadow Man, remember sick days 17” CRT TVs. Healthier than crack. Neighbors tire of breaking each other up, break meth rocks, crystalline heaven. They become Megamen for a moment, remember scrape knee days when they could do anything. Could be astronauts. This is no country for astronauts, not anymore. No Starmen, Dave. They’re incenerating alongside Mir and the Shuttle, NASAs casket to that great crematorium in the sky. Trailed by a million miles of burning T-bill confetti. Megaman neighbors get bored, break their kids. Foreheads branded with controlled and illegal substances. Skills Trainer needed – Autism Spectrum / Behavioral disorders - $12/hour. She gets heavier and heavier. It weighs on my brow, no nothing, really it’s nothing, just a sinus ache, honey. Multiply hours $15x30 rent + elec + net, pork n beans all week, just got to stick to it. Surprise! We are sorry to inform you that you are too preconditional, you may re-apply f- I miss Megaman journey lost bit deltas swarming viruses, battle meet sexy singles! succubi bring him back safe in C:\. You are a strong intelligent person. Curbside bulk pickup crib + changetable – free – good condition – termites included. Don’t break your kid. Bulk pickup furloughed indef. Chicago police cut in half, riot. “There are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery.” Roads full of holes, under construction, workers furloughed indefinitely. Trip into gravel, cracked rocks smoked, no roads but alleys of lost Megamen. Math Teacher – full time - HSTA, CDA, HXMA, NBA, CIA cert req. “we’re sorry to inform you that One. Hundred. And. Fifty. Three. individuals have already applied. Say “yes” or “no” to save your place in l- Part-time. Part-time. Part-time. Shots checkup ultrasound post-nat 30+200+400+550. You are a strong, intelligent person. Trade futures, hunting ungravelled careerpath. Lib sci 3000 sem x 8 + 800 fees. 50% grad unemployment study sh- Uncalled references meet in parents’ living rooms, remember stupid default nicknames, miss experiences. Ante up glossy paper worthless as Weimar bucks. Jelloshots. Time we stole your parents car? crying laughter, it’s not funny. OMG Congratulations! What are you having? Heavier and heavier. Weight like FAFSA default alimony. “San Fran, it’s all one-man shows and Goldman sharks.” Trading futures. Deriving derivitives, triple A faces, foundation+mascara cover holes in shadow markets chewed by roaches. Secret roads not gravel, Hyatt Ivory and Gulfstream carpet. Grandpa traded the futures, honey. He traded your future for billions. A few more zeros on the Excel scoreboard, pearls to string up the plastic-stuffed empty manikin wives, a few more summerings in Cayman resorts, to feel like a Megaman for a moment. Sell my missed experiences on Craigslist: used – good condition – 17” w/remote - $10. Megaman included.

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